Welcome to TanyaMacInspired, a Lifestyle and Homewares Brand that focuses on bringing new Innovations and Inspired ideas for living to you and into your home. 

The team at TanyaMacInspired are madly working away developing their own exciting range of products, some of which you will already find on here, and others that are yet to come.

It's in our research that we often times come across new innovations and inspired ideas that we think are just too good not to share, this is where our facebook page began and we have since been growing a following of people just like you, looking for something a little bit different.

We found so many people were giving us wonderful positive feedback and suggestions of  things they also found inspiring that we soon became  a forum for you also to share YOUR ideas and product discoveries with everyone else!

It may not be a product, it may be an inspiring story you'd like to share, an inspiring photo or thought for the day. It may be an unusual delicious recipe or a cause that is close to your heart you would like to help create awareness about.

When you do find an inspired idea or something you like, send me a message and I'll find your idea and upload the details for everyone!

We'll save you the hours of surfing to find something different, exciting and new (especially on the gift front) and deliver it to you with our weekly updates so check out our facebook page and visit us often we'll do our best to keep you "INSPIRED"!

About Tanya Mac

Born in Lake Grace, Western Australia and raised on a farm, even from an early age, creativity always played an important role in my life. I was determined to be a painter, but my father always said "no daughter of mine is going to be a poor starving artist".....

So he guided me to pursue graphic design as a career in the hope I could make enough money to support myself and not live at home forever! I immersed myself in Art and design, advertising, photography and interior design and in my early 20s like most spirited souls I ventured abroad and spent 15 years working as an Art Director and Creative Director in the Ogilvy Advertising world in both Asia and the Caribbean.

I eventually returned to  Perth with an inspired vision of the big wide world and new ideas about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.....

The first thing I knew was that I needed to be creative and the second, that I wanted to share my inspiration with anyone willing to listen.

So TanyaMacInspired began to grow and eventually bloom into this amazing forum for sharing my inspired ideas and products with the world.

I hope you too find some inspiration here and enjoy it as much as I do!


Tan x


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